Why I have succumbed​ and decided to upgrade my laptop. And why I finally sold my Ipad.

It all started in the summer of 2009. I was working technical support in Greece for a bit IT firm and they had us use Macs. I had entertained the idea to buy one back when I live in London, even went to one of those free session to learn how to use it but was scared of the unknown.

It has been almost 8 years and I have not looked back, I have used Pc’s at a couple of my jobs but I have remained faithful to Apple’s laptops and desktops.

I remember buying the 2009 Macbook pro when I was in Athens and then in 2012 upgrading to a mac book pro retina when they were first introduced.

Then when I moved back to London and finally settled down I decided to upgrade to an iMac. That was one of the best decision I have ever made. I bought it second hand and used points I had on eBay and got a 50£ discount. I kept it for years until I finally moved to Ireland and was unable to bring it with me.

Before I moved to Ireland I bought a MacBook air that had very basic specs(only 4gb of ram) and then a tv that I paid about 200€ on sale. I would mostly use my Ipad to browse the internet and would connect the MacBook air to my tv to watch my tv shows.

Unfortunately, the more time passed, the slower the mac would get. It hit me when I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and tried to export photos from Lightroom. I had about 400 pictures, which I admit is quite a lot. I had the time to go shower, wash my hair, dry it, get dressed and the import was not even halfway through and the mac was burning hot.

Enough was enough. I could not continue like this anymore!

Between my blog and podcast to come, I knew I needed a more powerful machine.

I finally had a good reason to upgrade.

When I say good reason, I don’t mean ” It is kind of slow when I’m browsing the internet or try to use several apps at the same time” or ” It does not have a retina display”.

This was a legit reason.

Why would I need a legit reason you may ask? I work hard, I have the financial means to buy myself a new computer without putting it on a credit card or digging into my emergency fund so why have I not made that choice sooner?

Well, as much as I don’t consider myself to be a frugal person(I’m more of a minimalist that tries to optimise every purchase), buying a computer is still a big deal for me!

One day though I had enough, I consulted my manager and he said ” yeah, 4gb for your usage is not enough. ” Yes, he may have pushed me towards the dark side, although I do take full responsibility for my choice.

So I sat down and order a refurbished MacBook Pro 2017(It has a faster processor than the 2016 version) and between my company’s employe’s discount and the discount given because it was a refurbished product I bought it 31% off!

It was not one of those impulse purchase that you end up regretting later on. Not only am I fully satisfied with the product I bought and know I will use it every day for the next few years but I was also tired of torturing myself on whether or not it was a wise purchase.

The optimizer in me did not go on full spender mode though. I bought the basic configuration, 2.32ghz Intel Core i5 with 8 GB of ram and 1280 GB of SSD hard drive.

I could have chosen a bigger hard drive or an i7 processor, hell I could have pre-ordered the new 5000€ Mac Pro but I would have never had the use for all that power, as a matter of fact, I don’t understand what half the specs actually are.

A younger version of me might have bought a superior model but the new, FI, optimised me bought exactly what she needed, not what she could have easily afforded just to have the satisfaction of bragging about it at work.

That’s what I love about the FI life, it’s not about what you want or how much you can afford to spend but about what you actually need to do the things you need to do and be happy.

Also, I have sold my Ipad using Facebook marketplace which I highly recommend. I took less than two hours to find a buyer!
I sold it for 300€(bought it for 327€ 10 months ago)!

Why have I decided to sell it?

1)In recent months I have watched myself endlessly scrolling down facebook or twitter without reading anything, I was just scrolling down like a zombie. I realize how much time I was wasting on it.

2) I was not even using it that much. I would bring it to work every day thinking I would watch some Netflix during my lunch break but never did.

3)I asked myself my three favorite questions  ” does it add value to your life?” ,” does it take away something negative from your life>”  and finally ” does it make you happy”?

The answers to these 3 questions were NO.

So I sold it and have not felt any kind of remorse since.

Let’s be honest here. I will always be highly connected, I have my mac, my Iphone( and yes I am probably going to buy the Iphone X in a few weeks), and an Apple watch and they are basically extensions of myself and while I can only slightly reduce the time I spent on these devices I can make damn sure that the time I spend on them is actually of high quality and has a purpose. No more endless scrolling!

Please feel free to leave either a constructive comment or to judge me for spending so much on technology! I promise I will not be offended!


Author: expatonfire

I'm a 33 year old french woman and I currently live in Ireland. A few months back I had a near death experience that pushed me to reconsider the way I was living my life and to seriously think about my future, no more excuse and postponing things!

2 thoughts on “Why I have succumbed​ and decided to upgrade my laptop. And why I finally sold my Ipad.”

  1. I love my iPhone and my iPad. I have thought about getting a new laptop since my current one is basically a paperweight from 2009. I hardly use the old laptop at all. I have a work laptop now and am on the computer all day for work so I don’t know how much I’d use a new laptop. Haven’t bit the bullet yet.


    1. Well good for you ! It is an important purchase so if you’ve managed to keep yours since 2009 it is a good thing! If you don’t see the need for a new one then keep it until it dies.


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