Here’s to two amazing years here in Ireland!

Two years ago to the day, I started working at my dream company .

Just a week before that and after 2-3 years of debating whether or not I should give up my dream of living in London, I landed in Ireland.

When I arrived in London back in 2009 I was only 24 years and it was the dream city for me. I wasn’t the partying type but I loved the idea of improving my English and meeting people from different cultures. For about 5 years I lived the dream but what I had not realized is that this city was eating my alive body and soul. It took me 3 years to finally admit and accept the fact that my life and my career weren’t going anywhere I wanted them to go.

Then around February a miracle happened, one of the greatest company in the world offered me a job at their HQ here in beautiful Cork. This was the third time they offered me a position.

Yes, you read that correctly. This was the third time they tried ot hire me. The first I received the call, I was at the dentist waiting for my very first root canal. I remember saying ” thanks for the offer but I do not want to move to Cork, it’s just too small and seems boring “. Yeah, I was 25-26 at the time and even though I had been raised in a small village in France and eventough I  always knew I would not finish my life in a city like London, at this time of my life I was not ready to settle down in Cork.

I can’t remember when the second call came but I said no and probably gave the same reason.

Then around February- March 2016, a third call came and I remember saying ” Yes, please.”

The interview process and background check took a few weeks and by begining of May, I had signed my contract.

Now, you have to understand what London meant and still means to me.

London is where I got my first real job, I met great people all from different backgrounds. It’s also the first place where I felt free to be myself. I learned so much about life and for the longest time I thought I would live there for the rest of my life.

I was lucky enough to have technical and people’s skills and to present myself well and never went more than 2-3 months without a job. I then decided to start working freelance, which was a huge mistake. I was stuck at home, alone with almost no contact with the exterior world but at the time, that’s what I wanted and need, or so I thought.  It all changed when I started travelling outside Europe and visited Vancouver back in 2014.

Then, I made a few friends, was able to breath some fresh air, to experience new things, to enjoy life a little, and after years of depression slowly, I started to recover and I realized that I needed a change, a drastic one.

It was easier said than done though. I had moved away from my home country at the age of 23 and did what none of my high school friends did and in my mind leaving meant that I had failed, despite all I had acoomplished. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I would do it over again because it made me who I am today.

Had I moved to Cork in 2011-2012, I probably would have been way higher in the corporate ladder than I am today,right?

Well no. I don’t think so at all. Back then at 25-26, I was not ready to settle down. I was not mature enough to take on the responsabilities of working and evolving in such a big company. I could have tried, left and come back later, I know a couple of guys who did that. Except that’s not just me. If I leave, I don’t come back. Had I started working there back then, I wouldn’t have lasted a year and I would have moved back to London and I would have never come back.

Now two years later, I know it was the right time, that I was ready and I have not regretted it once.

Since moving to Ireland my life as completely changed. My long lasting depression is gone, I have made friends, built a career, learned technical and management skills that I will always be able to use, should I ever leave.

Here’s the deal though. I am not interesting in working anywhere else, ever.

I don’t what the future holds, maybe they’ll get tired of me, maybe I’ll get tired of them but as of today I am completely happy being here. I have so many projects here, things I want to learn, skills I want to aquire, people I want to work with. Clearly I’m just getting started and for the first time in my life, I know I have the skills and determination to achieve my dreams and damn it feels good.

It took me 13 years after graduating high school and moving from one country and one job to another to finally find my way, to find a company that gave me the encouragement and tools to better myself and to find a country I can trully call home.

So here’s to another 2/3/5/10 years!

Let’s just hope my health doesn’t fail again!

So, if you’re stuck, remember that it’s never too late to realize your dream, to take that leap of faith even if it’s scary. What’s the worst that can happen?



PS : For those who know me from the Facebook, you probably know which company I work at. For the others, well, it’s not that hard to guess but I’d rather keep some mystery right? I feel I’m already over sharing on this blog!



Author: expatonfire

I'm a 33 year old french woman and I currently live in Ireland. A few months back I had a near death experience that pushed me to reconsider the way I was living my life and to seriously think about my future, no more excuse and postponing things!

5 thoughts on “Here’s to two amazing years here in Ireland!”

  1. Well if that pic at the top of your blog is Cork then sign me up! 🙂 I think what we want when we’re younger is not always what we want as we get older. I was enamored by big city life for a long time, but now I long for a big/small city where I can get some amenities of a big city, but not deal with cost of living or a lot of traffic like I currently do in LA. Hope you keep enjoying it there!


    1. Hi Tonya! The picture is Cork. I think it’s time I change it to one of my own pictures! I agree with you. What we want as a young adult isn’t necessarily what we’re gonna want later or what’s best for us! I can only imagine how overwhelming LA must be(and pricey). I have everything I want her in Cork, all the stores, bars, restaurants, public transportation but it’s small and breathable! As I always say, if you regret it you can always move back to LA!


  2. That picture of Cork looks pretty inviting! Glad to hear the company is treating you so well and you’re enjoying life there. I moved my family to a small city here in the US with a similar story after living in big cities. We love it here and never want to leave. It’s a great motivator for FI because if something happens with my current job or company, we’d like to have enough to stay in this small city where the job market is a lot tighter. With some good savings I can afford to be out of work while I find a new job or re-tool for what’s available in this smaller market.


    1. Cork is gorgeous! I so need to post my own photos! I agree that living in a small town is ideal if you want to reach FI. The real estate is kind of crazy here but still, it’s better than Dublin and the quality of life is much better as well. On the plus side, the job market here is booming here. We have lots of big companies have their HQ here so there’s plenty of work, well at least in my field where the turn over is big!
      Life is good my friend, life is good!


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