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I have decided to start a Facebook page! Feel free to join and comment(It may be easier to comment there for those who don’t have a blog or who dont want to leave their email addresses).

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Being single, a handicap or an advantage?

As you may have noticed the FI community is one of most open communities out there. Whether it is on Facebook or on blogs, people never seem to mind sharing their income, FI number, how much they have in retirement and all sorts of numbers.  Even if one the principles of FI is to enjoy life through experiences and not compare yourself to others(the famous Keeping up with the Joneses), when you are as active as I try to be on social media you can not help but comparing your situation to others’. “Have I started this journey too late? Can I reach FI on my salary when most of the pillars of this community seem to be making over 100k a year? The one question that I used to ask myself was ” can I make it on my own,  is being single a handicap or a advantage?  Let’s see.

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