What does it mean to be an expat?

What does it mean to be an expat?

One of the things that comes up the most when talking about FI is traveling. I have read countless stories of people who have either taken a year off to travel the world or live in one particular country or people who save up their vacation days so they can take a 3 weeks trip every year, picking a new destination each time. There is also a fairly important number of people who have decided to sell everything they owned, packed up the essentials and decided to explore the world. Some will rely on their savings and will eventually come back to their home country at some point but some, like myself decided to permanently settle away from their home country.

An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of their citizenship.

More precisely an expat is a person who is sent by their employer to work abroad. Nowadays most people who have left their home countries use this word to describe themselves, I suppose it sounds fancier than “immigrant”.

Now, I truly believe that humans are not made to stay in the same place for their entire lives and yet most people end up spending their whole lives in their hometown or within few miles.

Despite that fact, it is easy to meet people who have the strong desire to travel and explore but most will never get the chance to.

Why you may ask?

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What is Financial Independence?

After spending so much time in this community, reading people’s stories, I realized that Financial Independence meant different things to different people.

According to Wikipedia FI is “is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities”.

But does FI mean for the people in FI community?

Let’s see.

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Being single, a handicap or an advantage?

As you may have noticed the FI community is one of most open communities out there. Whether it is on Facebook or on blogs, people never seem to mind sharing their income, FI number, how much they have in retirement and all sorts of numbers.  Even if one the principles of FI is to enjoy life through experiences and not compare yourself to others(the famous Keeping up with the Joneses), when you are as active as I try to be on social media you can not help but comparing your situation to others’. “Have I started this journey too late? Can I reach FI on my salary when most of the pillars of this community seem to be making over 100k a year? The one question that I used to ask myself was ” can I make it on my own,  is being single a handicap or a advantage?  Let’s see.

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